Bots and procedural writing

You can find more of my bots here.

Textual interfaces and physical devices

Open source software

  • pronouncingpy: a simple and friendly interface to the CMU pronouncing dictionary. Making rhyming easy since 2015.
  • pronouncingjs: a Javascript port of pronouncingpy. Easy to use on the server or in the browser!
  • pycorpora: a pip-installable Python interface for Darius Kazemi’s Corpora Project.
  • Everyword Bot: a Python framework for making @everyword-like Twitter bots.
  • My Dinosaur: a simple way to generate RSS feeds in Python; intended for bot authors.


Video games, game design and game criticism

Constructed languages

Videos of lectures and invited talks

I also occasionally upload video of works in progress to Vimeo. I make the source code for many of my projects available on GitHub.