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I love this: abitbit.com, “Pure Anonymous Bits.” It records over time the results of people clicking on either a button labelled 0 or a button labelled 1. The site’s copy encourages creative and subversive use of the procedure (“Warning: the content below may be not safe for work or children, depending on how the bits are decoded”); the graphs show evidence of an epic and collaborative bit battle, with its own particular currents and momentum (as of this writing, one is winning).

Is it truly anonymous, though? It seems to remember which bits I submitted (they’re highlighted in red). Not that the lack of anonymity is a bad thing: The project’s neatly conceptual as it stands, but it’s a hair width away from effective web 2.0 parody (RSS feed of your friend’s bits; “click here to tweet your bit!”).

See also: Mark Napier’s Sacred Bits; What Colour Are Your Bits?.

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