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I love Google Scribe. It’s the ultimate achievement in oulipian writing tools; it’s the flarfist’s only typewriter. It’s the best thing I can imagine someone doing with Google’s resources. It could be an amazing performance tool. Who’s with me on this?

The most remarkable thing about Scribe is that what everyone does when they encounter it for the first time is use it for creative writing. The MetaFilter thread is a good place find examples. Twitter is already replete (1, 2, 3) with Scribe writing games.

Here’s me throwing my hat into the ring, with a version of William Carlos Williams’ “This Is Just To Say” where each line has three or four Scribe autocompletes tacked on:

This is just to say that they are

I have eaten here several times
the plums and their families
that were in their early
the icebox and then

and which are not
you were probably too young
saving the file to disk
for breakfast and lunch

Forgive me allahabad bank
they were delicious and they
so sweet and innocent
and so cold that they were

(bonus: Scribe is a prude, after the break)

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