My 2015 round-up, part 2

It’s time for a year-in-review post! This covers only the latter half of 2015; I made another blog post earlier in the year about what I did in the first half of 2015.


Speaking and events

  • I gave a talk on my pronouncingpy library at PyGotham.
  • The Internet Yami-Ichi was amazing! I was a vendor there, selling procedurally generated poetry chapbooks.
  • I gave a brief talk about my upcoming book about at Maker Faire.
  • The Rhythms and Methods tour was fantastic! I read excerpts from the introduction to Everyword: The Book alongside a group of amazing trans poets and authors.
  • I appeared on Woodland Secrets (hosted by merritt kopas, one of my Rhythms and Methods tourmates).
  • I arranged and hosted an unofficial Bot summit/#botally meetup in NYC, which attracted a sizable crowd of generative text enthusiasts. The talks (by Jia Zhang and Leonard Richardson) were great there was a wonderful back-and-forth between audience members during the open projector sessions and the Q&A. Definitely want to do this again soon.
  • Michael Cook invited me to give a talk at ProcJam! Here’s a video of my talk.
  • I was one of several participants in a bot workshop at Data and Society. We had some great conversations as a group, and I definitely learned a lot about bots from stakeholders not in the art/computational creativity space. (I think there’s some output from this workshop that is still in the works.)
  • Kyle McDonald invited me to present at Internodal, a series of talks hosted at Dark Matter. Here’s a picture from my presentation!
  • Charles Theonia (yet another Rhythms and Methods tourmate) invited me to perform at The Moon Show. I read excerpts from Our Arrival along with an essay I wrote that contextualizes the piece. Here’s a picture of me performing.

Art and other things I made

  • Instar Books released Everyword: The Book. Buy your copy today!
  • I am one of several collaborators in Incredible Witness; in November, we had our first “test session” which involved getting volunteers to participate in and play the experiences we’ve been designing for the past few months.
  • I released a physical chapbook/zine (my first!) of poems from my bot, The Ephemerides. (I’m hoping to put the remaining stock of these for sale online soon.)
  • For NaNoGenMo 2015, I produced a novel called Our Arrival. Download the PDF here.
  • I am one of several artists featured in It’s Doing It, an online group exhibition of generative artworks. My piece is called Auto-Minimalist; it’s a minimalist poetry generator inspired by Aram Saroyan.

Twitter bots

  • The Ephemerides is a bot that posts computer generated poems juxtaposed with random images from outer planet space probes. Here’s my write-up.
  • ModernArt.exe is a quick hack that parses data from MoMA’s artwork catalog CSV and generates random, plausible-sounding artworks and descriptions of their media.
  • Brain Tendencies: Common and pernicious randomly generated cognitive biases that prevent YOU from making rational decisions.
  • I made Library of Every to celebrate the release of Everyword: The Book. It’s an alphabetical catalog of every possible parody/homage to @everyword.
  • Citation Needed finds a random sentence from Wikipedia marked as “citation needed” and posts it to Twitter.

The theme for 2015′s back nine seems to be a lot of teaching, talking, and advocacy, and not a lot of actually making new things. I love teaching and giving talks, but I’m hoping in 2016 to find time (and money) to focus more on making new work.