The Longest Poem in the World


The procedure: scrape Twitter’s public timeline and find rhyming couplets. The effect is striking: even though the juxtaposition of tweets is essentially random, the presence of rhyme gives them a strange cohesion.

The only obvious weirdness comes when the procedure tries to rhyme emoticons, as in the following couplet:

Finished a paper for class and time to relax. Yay me!!
Showered and feeling good :) How are y’all smelling? :b

On second thought, I like that: it’s as though the procedure suggests you read the emoticon aloud in a cutesy way (“time to relax, yay me! / … how are y’all smelling? colon lowercase bee”).


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  1. andrei’s avatar

    Hey Adam, glad you like it :)
    I created a list of emoticons that it’s supposed to ignore, like :D and :P, but people always seem to come up with weird emoticons like :b and xD. I need to update the list to prevent this from happening :).