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Excerpt from "I Waded in Clear Water"

Excerpt from “I Waded in Clear Water”

Last November, I participated in National Novel Generation Month (NaNoGenMo), an event in which participants are encouraged to write a computer program that generates a novel. Originally conceptualized by Darius Kazemi as a cheeky alternative to NaNoWriMo, the event has inspired programmers and writers to create some really beautiful work.

My contribution is a procedurally generated novel called I Waded In Clear Water. The primary source text for the novel is Gustavus Hindman Miller’s Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, with footnotes provided by information gleaned from ConceptNet and WordNet. You can read more about the process I used to generate the novel, and see the Python source code, at my NaNoGenMo 2014 Github repository.

I read some excerpts from the novel and gave a presentation about it at WordHack on January 15th. Here’s the presentation deck in PDF format.

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