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Forgot to mention this: Earl Grey won “Best Puzzles” in this year’s XYZZY awards! Rob and I were ecstatic with this result, especially considering the tough competition. IFWiki has a list of all the award winners and nominees, along with links to reviews and downloads. You should, of course, go play Earl Grey if you haven’t already, but there is so much more in that list deserving of your time—Blue Lacuna in particular lives up to every bit of the praise it has received.


Recent projects

Three recent projects which I have so far neglected to post about:

LATE EDIT: Andy Doro is exhibiting the Networked Byte Organ, which we worked on together, at Taller Boricua.

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Nick Montfort starts posting about Curveship, his new interactive fiction development system. I’m very eager to see what he’s come up with.

New information to me: Curveship takes the form of a Python framework. Even if this were Curveship’s only innovation, it would still be a huge step forward. Imagine how much easier it’ll be to prototype and author interactive fiction in a well-known, extensible and powerful language like Python, rather than learning a domain-specific language (Inform 6/7, TADS, etc.).

It looks like the framework’s main innovation, though, is that it inserts a layer of indirection between things that happen in the world—”actions”?—and the way those actions are rendered as text.

I’m excited to get my hands on it!

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