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(NOTE: This project is currently out of commission as I find a new place to host it and adjust the code to accommodate recent changes in the Twitter API.)

My day 2 project is called twbasic. It’s an implementation of classic, line-numbered, home computer-era BASIC that runs on top of Twitter. You can start using twbasic right now by twittering your program listing to @twbasic. Here’s how to get twenty rolls of a six-sided die:

@twbasic 10 for i = 1 to val(ARG$)
@twbasic 20 print rnd(6) + 1
@twbasic 30 next i
@twbasic run 20

(The above screenshot depicts twbasic providing a listing of the program above, and then the results of running the code.)

A reference for using twbasic can be found after the jump.

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My day 1 project was about an analogy between retro video games and printmaking.


The Nintendo Entertainment System has a limited palette: of fifty-odd possible colors, only twenty-five can appear at any one time, and only four of those can be used in a single sprite. Games produced for the NES made careful use of this palette, expressing as much information through color as possible. This is famously the case in the Mega Man games for the NES, in which Mega Man (our hero) changes colors to indicate which weapon he’s using.

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